gecko fly parapente

'cling cling like a lizard to the ceiling
stick close to the side of heaven'
maori kite song

domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

The Rambla Oria : Our new playground!

the new fly site at the head of the Rambla Oria.
Take off is top left next to the fire watching turret
it works with southerly through to easterly winds

then we can fly this easterly facing ridge

we have a couple of landing options but the most senic
has to be the flight over the neolithic remains (bottom left)
and then cruise down to land in the rambla, a 525M top to bottom

domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Above the clouds

one of the pleasures of flying a paramotor
has to be playing above the clouds

bathed in sunlight flying in shorts and T shirt
casting a Brocken spectre on the clouds below

its the stuff of dreaming!


Trudy's usually behind the camera,
at least on the ground!
but when you phone to book your flight
or aerial photos
you will often be talking to Trudy
who not only has an excellent phone manner
but is also an award winning photographer
here is her prize photo from the
1 Concurso de fotografia,
almendros en flor 2009

viernes, 10 de julio de 2009


Tattoo artist and trainee cessnar pilot Misty had not one but two flights with Gecko Fly on tuesday. Watched by Natalie, Luca and Carlos (of Saliente fame) Misty conquered her fear of heights by running right off the edge and coming back for more.

martes, 7 de julio de 2009

More tandem flying with gecko fly parapente

James and Sarah came out flying yesterday, a present from their Sarah's parents. First time paragliding for both although they've tried their hands at most other activities, sail planes, hot air balloons, bob sleigh, mountain biking! Next week James is going up in a micro-light!
James had a great flight heading over the Santuario at Saliente and then up along the ridge, landing halfway back to Velez Rubio! James had stolen most of Sarah's wind though and her shorter flight gave her a closer view of the valley slopes and she was greeted by Ramon and his amigo landing down in the Rambla de Saliente.
Next time you're over Sarah we'll get you up in the air again!

Sarah said she felt like turtle in her gear!

Sarah and James raise a glass to celebrate "not being dead!!"

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

El Yelmo 2009

Still time to head for the 10th Festival Internacional del Aire in el Yelmo, Segura de Sierra, Cazorla this weekend. Take a look at for details.

Arriba, abajo...y arriba!

Simone, Keith and the family came down from Caravaca de la Cruz for a tandem flights at Saliente. More usually installing solar water heaters with Solar Directa, Keith has been keen to build on his earlier experiences of hang-gliding where he learnt on the same misty Welsh mountains as Steve did.
He and daughter Simone are planning on learning to paraglide so what better way to get a taste of free flying.........

Heres Steve giving a double safety briefing and below with Keith and Simone moments before they took off......

Smoke from a large wild fire near Lubrin marks out the inversion
level for us !

Keith learns that 'perseverance pays off' after being stuck
low for 15min we eventually climb out and top out
400m above takeoff, before a run down the ridge and a spiral
dive to finish!

Simone's tandem flight ended at the Rambla landing complete with fresh apricots courtesy of Ramon's senora - sadly we have neither a photo of this or any apricots as we think the Owen family went off with our share!!