gecko fly parapente

'cling cling like a lizard to the ceiling
stick close to the side of heaven'
maori kite song

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

We're now the proud owners of the Gecko Fly domain name - this means you dont have to remember the long blogspot name when you tell people about us - just go to and you'll reach this page!

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Concentracion de parapente Loja 2009

So ,back with the heat and flies and blue skies
but here we are in a paragliding festival in Loja,
bumble (a property developer , fallen on hard times!!!) and Jerry
tossing a coin about a free ticket to take off
a final hug from Sam

Bumble yet again with the promise of a tandem flight
where we go up !

only to be dissapointed yet again .....!
wind was off to the south and a short ride down was all we managed
somewhere , some day !!

holiday west wales style

Ten days in wales, and THE day it didnt rain much!
and the winds were light ish we went to Rhosilli
just to remind ourselves how beautiful this place
is , and there was a bit of flying to watch
everyone taking off from the beach and hopping back to the dunes
apart from this speed wing

Thai fish cakes and mussels in white wine for lunch!
contemporary Welsh fare! not like in the old days
when it was half & half!

New video for Gecko Fly Parapente!

Here's our great new video: shot on location at the take off at Saliente by Simone Owen who came flyng with us and got inspired!

Thanks Simone!