gecko fly parapente

'cling cling like a lizard to the ceiling
stick close to the side of heaven'
maori kite song

sábado, 5 de enero de 2008

sierra marias cara norte

sierra maria the north side!!!
well it looks like a fab site for those winter days
with a northerly wind and i've lost count the number
of times i've been here with a good forcast only
to have a short flight down or the wind swings around
and then game over! anyway the photo is of club Gecko
arriving last sunday only to find a almost nil wind situation
with nothing happening!!!
what do you do ? Hector (phenomeno) who recently announced
he was a black belt karate champion gave us all a first lesson !

and after that what do bored pilots do ? go for a
flop to bottom , only trouble is this site has such a
shallow and woody take off ,in light winds ......

you end up with many tree/bush incidents!

Must clean this take off but need a good day to show
that it might be worth the effort!

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