gecko fly parapente

'cling cling like a lizard to the ceiling
stick close to the side of heaven'
maori kite song

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

Weather to fly......

No messing about with Becky - we took off and caught
a thermal up, right above the take off

Here's Becky waiting on the ground
and in the air.
We were waiting for Jerry 'sprint'
on his new wing to catch up so we could fly together

Nice flight 6km down the ridge, flying with an eagle and landing
with my passenger who looks like
she is going to let me take the
all the weight!! Feet down next time Becky!

Thankfully the under-carriage went down
at the last moment for a perfect landing

Watching Sprint come and join us! Jess is keener
on the colour now she's seen it against that lovely blue sky

Flying Gin Sprints makes you smile!

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